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The ProjectClean Community donates bar soaps and rent scholarships to individuals in drug and alcohol recovery housingĀ 

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Chemical Free

Avoid both common and lesser-known harsh chemicals that are no good for your body.

Natural Ingredients

The best ingredients and naturally-derived fragrances

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A bubbly lather and nourishment that is unmatched


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         The Community Mission 

ProjectClean Natural Soaps has pledged support to drug and alchohol recovery non-profits. By using a better natural soap, our community provides no-cost soap donations and scholarships to cover rent for individuals transitioning into drug and alcohol-free homes.


After many years of struggling in the cycle of addiction ProjectClean Natural Soaps founder, Rory began the long journey of recovery through intensive rehabilitation and sober-living residency.
While engaged in his recovery journey, Rory realized that so many other people were struggling with the same afflictions and made it his mission to help in some way. At that time, he didn’t know how to give support but…

This is where the soap comes in.

After endless batches of soap and hours of testing, ProjectClean has crafted the best-performing bar soap using ethically-sourced natural ingredients. The packaging is zero-waste and the ingredients are held to a high sustainability standard. The finished bars have an unmatched lather, soothing rich nourishment, and invigorating scents.

How does this soap help support at-risk communities?

By leveraging 50% net profits ProjectClean Natural Soap’s community makes donations to:

Scholarships – The ProjectClean Community donates rental scholarships to a non-profit foundation that distributes funds through an application process. These scholarships ease the financial strain people face when applying for sober-living housing. Supportive homes are a critical support system that is needed for successful addiction recovery.

Monthly Bar Soap Donations (Give Back Program) – Every month ProjectClean Natural Soaps donates no-cost hygiene products to individuals actively residing in sober-living communities. These donations provide a stress-relieving bath experience to minimize the emotional strains of early addiction recovery. Also, providing essential hygiene supplies allows recipients to save money and time, so that they may focus on their sobriety, instead of worrying about essential bathing products.

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Join the ProjectClean community! Find your blend, enjoy the best natural soaps and support addiction recovery. This is the best, feel-good soap you will ever need!